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$3 trillion global restoration economy.

Want to save the world for a living? The first step is to see how others are already doing it. Discover the people and organizations who are revitalizing our communities and restoring our natural resources.

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Are you looking to start or advance a career that brings places back to life, health, beauty and productivity?  Revitalization News helps you master the art of regenerating cities, heritage, farms, nature and climate.  We do this on the 1st and 15th of every month by sharing:

  • News of projects that reveal the latest revitalizing techniques from around the world;
  • Education and training opportunities to boost your expertise;
  • Employment and business opportunities to further your career or company;
  • Research and publications providing insights into the regenerative process;
  • Events where you can meet and learn from fellow practitioners;
  • Volunteer and travel opportunities where you can assist or witness restoration in action.

You can also connect with fellow world-savers via the Comments section under each article.
In a world divided by politics, professions, income, and beliefs, Revitalization News brings us all together around “RE”: restoring, regenerating, reconnecting, renewing, reusing, repurposing, redeveloping, rebuilding, rehabilitating, remediating, etc.

Everyone — liberal and conservative — enjoys bringing ugly, unhealthy, unproductive places back to life. Everyone has a different perspective on what revitalization looks like, and what contributes to it. Revitalization News is where we learn together, and get inspired together.

storm_033108_07_crpd_96dpiStorm Cunningham is the publisher of Revitalization News.
Storm specializes in inspiring public/private leaders and citizenry to engage effectively in their local revitalization process, while educating them on the latest trends and leading-edge practices.

Storm is a keynoter and workshop leader at planning, sustainability, community regeneration, economic resilience, and natural resource restoration conferences. Storm’s specialty is inspiring all stakeholders to effectively engage in local revitalization.

Since 2002, Storm has been helping public and private leaders understand: 1) the community/regional economic revitalization process, and 2) how to strategically position their career, or their organization, within that process. Most places already have all the organizations and resources they need to achieve revitalization or resilience. But these assets aren’t organized into a comprehensive renewal process. Storm helps them do that.

All around the planet, he connects individuals and institutions to the opportunities, resources, and leading-edge practices of the global renewal trend. His clients include professionals, government agencies, mayors, governors, BIDs, CDCs, CDFIs, Chambers, community foundations, housing authorities, non-profits, universities, etc.

Storm’s work breaks down silos, opens up flows, and creates greater community cooperation. As a result, his client communities and organizations more easily collaborate with and/or get funded by those renewing other aspects of the built, natural, and socioeconomic environments.

Storm also provides strategic analyses for organizations, cities, and regions seeking revitalization. George Ochs, Managing Director of JP Morgan, says: “Storm Cunningham is the world’s thought leader on community revitalization and natural resource restoration.

Storm has helped colleges and universities raise millions of public and private dollars to endow new chairs and launch new institutes related to community redevelopment, natural resource restoration, and climate adaptation. From 2006-2009 Storm was Distinguished Visiting Professor at Seneca College (Canada’s largest college) in Toronto.

Storm’s public and private clients span dozens of countries.  His 100+ global client list includes:
US State Department, Boeing, Harvard University, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Israel Planners Association, European Property Italian Conference, University of Guadalajara, National Arbor Day Foundation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, American Institute of Architects, Project Management Institute, US Embassy (Poland), Governor of Montana, Canadian Urban Institute, Santee Cooper, Urban Land Institute, University of Texas, Leadership Cleveland, and many more.

Storm lives in Arlington, Virginia, and is the author of two highly-acclaimed books:
The Restoration Economy (Berrett-Koehler, 2002), and Rewealth (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2008).
See http://RestorationEconomy.com and http://Rewealth.com to learn more about these books.

RETECHHis upcoming 3rd book is RETECH: The Rise of Technologies to Revive Our World (November 2018). It reveals the rapidly-emerging tools and techniques for regenerating cities, agriculture, nature and climate.

Given the $16 trillion that’s about to be unleashed by the global response to climate change, this new book is well-timed. Much of that investment will repurpose, renew, and reconnect our natural, built, and socioeconomic assets, creating myriad new industries and jobs.

From 1996-2002, he was Director, Strategic Initiatives at the Construction Specifications Institute, a technical society of about 14,000 architects, engineers, and manufacturers.

Storm was an A-Team SCUBA medic with the U.S. Army’s 7th Special Forces (Green Berets), and is still an avid SCUBA diver, motorcyclist, and amateur herpetologist.

Watch Storm’s 2010 TEDx talk in Washington, DC.

See http://StormCunningham.com for more on Storm’s work.


Storm can be reached at 1-703-887-2142.
Or email him at storm@revitaliz.com

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