Richardson Family Murders Jasmine Richardson

Some people have a very smooth transition from childhood through the teenage hood and to adulthood. Nonetheless, a lot of people struggle to go through this phase. When people grow, some experience bizarre skins and hormones rapidly going wild. These occurrences can affect one’s disposition very negatively.

While certain people do just well with trauma, some simply cannot cope. They make very hasty conclusions. These hasty conclusions get them in very confusing situations. While this is a bad place to be in, sometimes, they are not the only ones affected. Their families also get affected. An example of the many young people that have had a great deal of difficulty growing up is Jasmine Richardson. This difficulty that she had to deal with while growing was perhaps responsible for her having a hand in the murder of her family members.

What is the Richardson Family Massacre All About?

On April the 23rd, by about 1:00 pm, the corpses of a man, a woman, and a boy were found in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The man’s body alongside that of his wife was found in the basement while the body of their son was discovered upstairs. The only person missing on this day was their daughter, Jasmine Richardson who everyone initially believed was a victim of murder. However, contrary to what lots of people assumed, Jasmine who was 12 years old at the time was responsible for the murder of her family members. She, alongside her boyfriend, was arrested in Leader Saskatchewan the next day. This was followed by the arrest of another accomplice Kacy Lancaster.

Why did Jasmine Richardson Kill Her Family Members

From gathered pieces of evidence, it appeared Jasmine’s parents were uncomfortable with the relationship she had with Jeremy Allan Steinke who was 23 years old at the time. This displeasure was basically because of the difference in their ages.

The reports concerning the point Jasmine met Jeremy were not clear. However, according to Steinke’s associate, they met on a famous Canadian social-media website known as Nexopia. That’s not all. There were also speculations that Steinke, alongside his comrades, watched Natural Born Killers some hours before the death of Jasmine’s family members. Furthermore, Steinke was reported to have told his friends he wanted to do the same with his girlfriend. However, this time, he did not plan to spare her brother.

Who is Jasmine Richardson?

Jasmine Richardson might not be popular at the moment. Nonetheless, she got a lot of attention about 12 years ago when she conspired with her boyfriend to kill everyone in her family. While her boyfriend, killed her parents in the basement, she slit her brother’s throat and left him to die in a pool of his blood.

This murder happened when Jasmine was still a minor. Due to this, she did not face the full wrath of the law. According to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, she could only be given a prison sentence of 10 years.

What is the Latest with Jasmine?

While the verdict was still on and about coming to an end, Jasmine started classes at Mount Royal University, Calgary. This took place in September, 2011. A year later she got released. This happened after she had shown some remorse while getting rehabilitation.

Jasmine is currently 26 years old and still lives in Canada. There is a likelihood where she lives is still close to her former neighborhood.

Jeremy Steinke

Since Jasmine Richardson was not the only one involved in the murder of her parents, she did not pay the price alone. However, unlike Jasmine Richardson that was a minor at the time the murder happened and did not have for face the full wrath of the law, her boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke was 23 and an adult by every assessment.

Jeremy did not deny the murder. In a conversation he had with the police while still in custody, Steinke admitted to being involved in the murder of Jasmine’ parents. He was found guilty after being tried in November 2008. He was sentenced to a lifetime in prison on the 15th of December. He got three life sentences for each murder.

Kacy Lancaster

Jasmine and Jeremy did not carry out this murder alone. There was an accessory to the murder. Kacy Lancaster who turned out to be an accessory to the murder had the charges against her dropped. She went on to plead guilty to an obstruction charge that took place in Medicine Hat provincial court. She got a house arrest that lasted one year and was told to stay away from drugs.

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