Training / Education

Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture – University of Washington

Masters degree in technical brownfields redevelopment (Czech Republic, in English)

Master of Urban & Regional Planning with community revitalization focus

Curtin University offers Doctor of Sustainable Development degree

Rutgers offers graduate and undergrad degrees in Urban Restoration Ecology

Diploma: Restoration of Natural Systems (Canada)

Undergraduate Major: Aquatic Ecological Restoration (Montana)

Masters in Urban Regeneration – London, England

Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship (California)

Undergraduate degree in Ecological Restoration (Ontario)

B.S. or minor in Ecological Restoration, University of Montana

Undergraduate Restoration Ecology Program (Ohio)

Course in Conservation and Restoration (Australia)

Graduate Restoration Ecology Certificate (Idaho)

Master of Science in Ecological Restoration (Canada)

Undergraduate degree in Urban Regeneration and Planning (UK)

Master’s in Urban Regeneration (London)

Postgrad Diploma of Science & PhD in Ecological Restoration (New Zealand)

Restoration Ecology: Area of Emphasis for Graduate Degrees (California)

Grad, Undergrad & Prof: Regeneration & Sustainable Communities (UK)

1-Year Graduate Certificate in Ecological Restoration (Canada)

Graduate Certificate in Urban Revitalization (Virginia)

Master’s in Urban Regeneration and Development (Manchester)

Master’s in City Planning and Regeneration (Glasgow)

Graduate degrees & certificates in Land Reclamation & Restoration (UK)

Undergraduate degree in Environmental Restoration Science (Nebraska)

Online Master’s degree in Ecological Restoration (University of Florida)

Study restoration ecology and Spanish in Costa Rica

NPI seminars on historic asset preservation, reuse, and restoration